Let’s Talk About Mataro


May 2020

Most often, Mataro is found as the M in GSM (also known as Mourvèdre or Monastrell or by a whole host of other names). But it’s so much more than that.

To me, Mataro as a single variety is a beautifully alluring wine that’s often underrated. While it’s quite a rustic variety, it can also be made into a sleek and modern style that shouts proudly of its earthy Barossa roots and seduces with its silky-smooth gracefulness and spice.

I think it’s the perfect food wine, going so well with a whole range of meaty flavours (whether from meat itself, or from ‘meaty’ veggies like beetroot and mushrooms), but the ultimate match for me is food with a good dose of spice, especially those lovely Chinese spices like ginger, five-spice and star anise. And fragrant herbs like thyme, sage or rosemary are pretty good too.

Drink it listening to Santana’s ‘Smooth

So what does it taste like?

Well rather than me describe it, I thought I’d hand over to some of the Naked Wines Angels. Here’s a selection of lovely descriptions of the 2018 Red by Caroline Dunn Barossa Valley Mataro.

  • Deep, full bodied yet light. Yes that sounds strange but gorgeous raspberry undertones with a hint of smokiness and still very easily drinkable. Not too heavy on the tannins, lovely purplish colour and an almost velvety finish, this is simply divine. ~ Mary N
  • Just like satin sheets this Mataro is smooth, slinky and sensuous……..and especially good with Fetta Cheese. ~ Mark W
  • One of my favorite reds is GSM. Never tried the Mataro without the other two, but have been positively surprised. Smooth & silky. I know now why the M is added to the GSM blend. For those who like a nice red, without the cherries or heaviness that can sometimes be included. Try this one as an alternative to Pinot Noirs. I think this is a stunning wine. Have bought again. ~ Rudy FV
  • Fell instantly in love with this wine because of the purple haze that tinged the deep red colouring. Lovely fruit on the nose and palate. Smooth but complex. Thank you. Chilled to 17C for hot summer night with pasta. Perfetto! ~ Peter C
  • Officially a “big red” but this is quite a subtle and beguiling wine, and so food friendly into the bargain. Enjoyed tonight with a very simple meal of bbq sausages, salad and fresh bread rolls, however the suggested food matches on the web site (five spiced duck for example) are much more appealing to pair with a wine of this quality and complexity. ~ Steve T
  • Let’s be honest, this was all about a rare 3/4″ grass fed sirloin steak. But the smooth brooding musky fruit opening to a delicious spiciness made a steak into a celebration. Caroline, I’m glad I got more than one 🙂 ~ Peter S
  • Up there with the best. This Red is so smooth, weighty and delicious. ~ Polona H
  • Beautiful, full bodied and mellow. ~ Liz H
  • Very nice indeed. The initial taste in the mouth bursts with flavour and then settles into a smooth finish. Not a common variety for me but this one is a ripper. ~ Bruce G
  • Fine tannins, medium body with some wonderful savoury character. Enjoyed this with and without food! ~ Paul S
  • Interesting! Never had Mataro before but really enjoyed this wine. It’s quite subtle at first but opens up as you progress through each glass. And then its finished and you realize that the wines delicate fruit and spice delivers understated enjoyment! ~ Ernesto M
  • A unique drop, smooth yet full flavoured, you know when you open a bottle of red and you think you’ve opened it just at the right age… ~ Steven G
  • Deliciously spiced. Super smooth. ~ Jessica C
  • Really enjoyed this wine. Felt special, classy, full bodied and well… just plain enjoyable. Well done. Yum. ~ Joey R
  • As it warms it seems to become more savoury which is lovely. I am enjoying it immensely and will be buying it again!! ~ Katya P

Red by Caroline Dunn Barossa Valley Mataro is available exclusively through Naked Wines.

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by Caroline Dunn

SA Liquor Licence No 57615327
ABN 76 149 298 135

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